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About our Owner-Keeonia

 Rich Wick Candles was Established in November of 2015 by Keeonia Monique.

 We are a luxury brand candle company that not only make candles we also make Natural Body products. We are based in the Capital State of Ohio. Keeonia make all the candles and body products herself in her home in small batches, so you know that you're getting something special and handcrafted. Keeonia's goal is to provide a high end product that smells great from start to finish. She have developed a love and deep appreciation for her craft, and this combined with her propensity to work with her hands, her creativity, and much prayer, candle making has become a true labor of love for Keeonia. 


Keeonia is focused on pouring you the most AMAZING smelling candles full of love, and to create this experience, our luxury candles are all handmade in her kitchen using all natural soy wax and 100% pure fragrance oils using Eco Cotton Wicks. We work hard to maintain the quality and consistency that our customers have come to expect from us. Keeonia takes great pride in her candles, and Body products. Your satisfaction is our ultimate reward. In order to bring you only the finest hand-poured soy wax candles, and the most effective natural body products our products are constantly undergoing extensive development and testing. Every aspect of making our candles and body products takes place on the premises in her home. From hand pouring the wax to mixing fragrances to whipping the butters to making the labels Keeonia does everything by hand to ensure the best quality of every product.

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